Canway Tours Co. LTD. In Taiwan
New Company with far and wide experience
Officially established in 2000, Canway Tours Co. LTD., has a team of professionals who have more than 21 years of experience in designing, organizing and conducting worldwide theme-tour and business travel.
Small but specialize in designing Travel
Dedicated to introduction of the richness of different cultures and observation of bio-diversity, Canway Tours has been doing and continues to do small-scale group travels.
From Hiking in the Pyrenees, architecture tours in Germany, Wine tours in Italy, Theravāda Buddhism in Sri Lanka; to Birdwatching tours in Mexico or Tanzania, the name Canway Tours is not only recognized by many luxury hotels and local agents around the World, but also reputed among clientèle haut de gamme” to be one of the best Travel Agencies in Taiwan.